Prairie Hill Fruits is a team of hard working individuals, each bringing different skills to the table.

Rex Vandenberg

Owner, brings vision and decades of agricultural experience to bear.

Stefanie Vandenberg,

a student of modern agricultural practices and technology, has won accolades from Lethbridge College’s “AGEnt” Ag-Enterprise program, and oversees many of the business and strategic decisions at Prairie Hill Fruits, including the Canada GAP certification.

Gary Van Der Waal

is the man who executes the plan. Gary is a hard working entrepreneur himself, who has a long history of [project management]() in residential and agricultural projects, with expertise in landscaping, and irrigation among other things. Gary brings a background in food production with his small business which specializes in garlic. Gary lives in the Picture Butte area.

Prairie Hill Fruits is supported by a hard working and dedicated labor team who take care to ensure that every Haskap berry is harvested just right, and arrives at your home with maximum flavor.

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