Haskap recipe ideas

Haskap berries are often sold as a frozen purée that’s popular for use in different ice creams, smoothies, yogurts, desserts and more! It’s also perfect for jams, pies and baking all around. For more inspiration on how to get more of this super fruit into your diet, visit haskap.ca for some great recipe ideas!

Haskap wine & more

Unlike most other berries, haskaps are equally at home in ‘adult’ beverages as they are in baking. The haskap makes a mean fruit wine that’s actually very close in taste to grape wine, making it a great choice for the more adventurous oenophiles out there. But wineries aren’t the only ones interested in this new fruit. Breweries and distilleries also often use haskaps to flavour both liquors and beers. Locally, we work with Stronghold Brewing in Ft. McLeod to create their Holy Haskap! beer.

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