Grown With Love, From Our Family Farm to Your Fridge

Rex Vandenberg, the owner of Prairie Hill Fruits has been farming since 1991 in the community of Picture Butte. Vandenberg Feeders is a family affair, with Rex’s children playing key roles around the farm and in his businesses.

Twenty years on, Rex has found a fresh challenge in this new superfruit – the Haskap. The great taste and extraordinary health benefits convinced him the haskap was guaranteed to be a hit with bakers and health nuts alike. Together with his wife Marilyn and his children, he founded Prairie Hill Fruits, dedicated to providing the highest quality super fruits to kitchens across the country.

Dedication to your health

Prairie Hill Fruits avoids pesticides and herbicides, choosing instead to grow them as naturally as possible to preserve their healthy nature.

Future-forward, future-friendly

Your health is important to us. We’re building a system that will allow every person who buys haskap products from us to trace the history of each berry. Every link in the production chain from field to grocer will be logged and available to every customer. This way our customers can be confident about quality.

Our family farm continues to grow. We are dedicated to quality, and to bringing the healthy haskap to homes nationwide.

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